When it’s made in America we all benefit.


Future Link IT is proud to feature a range of made and assembled in America products from our key business partners.


Virginia based Datalux specializes in mobile computing products for public safety, medical, industrial and transportation as well as other specialized applications that require versatile and durable devices.

  • Tracer mobile data terminals are ideal for police, fire and rescue vehicles. These rugged, devices can withstand severe treatment in even the harshest environments. We’ve installed Tracer units in many types of public safety vehicles as well as construction vehicles including cement and utility service trucks.
  • We’re also a fan of rugged tablets for use in a wide range of vehicles. One advantage to tablets is that they can also be detached for use outside of the vehicle for true mobile computing capability. Rugged tablets have versatile features for police investigations, GIS surveying and as well as manufacturing environments.
  • The IPIX family of all-in-one computers are designed for use in medical and health care facilities. The IPIX systems feature completely sealed front and back surfaces (for easy cleaning) and an anti-microbial coating that inhibits bacteria. The units are energy efficient and ideal for cart-mount applications.

We’ve also used IPIX all-in-ones in manufacturing settings that need easy to clean devices. They work extremely well in messy areas or in the presence of sticky materials such as those found in bottling facilities.

Supporting American Jobs and Products

With the exception of processors and memory (which are no longer available from any American manufacturer), Datalux strives to obtain as many components as possible from domestic sources. The motherboards and housings for the Tracer and IPIX systems are made in the U.S. And, the rugged tablets are assembled right here in the U.S.A.

We’ve touched on just a few of the specialized computing devices manufactured and assembled by Datalux. When you’re ready to discuss how you can benefit from mobile computing, and support jobs here at home, give us a call to discuss a Datalux solution.