Business Systems ConsolidationCost reduction is a consistent goal in the business arena, and Future Link IT has one word to help you with that goal: Consolidation. What if you could cut your costs by consolidating something as useful as your phone system while keeping your productivity levels efficient?

We are not talking about cutting corners, we are talking about strategically reallocating resources in a way that makes sense to your business model – one way is with a Wireless Point-to-Point system. Together with your tech team you will outline the technical and business requirements necessary in order to ensure the new plan will result in the best possible outcome.

  1. For municipalities, it is common to have multiple locations to manage and this typically comes with multiple phone management systems. Using a Wireless Point-to-Point system, you can connect buildings up to 40 miles apart and reduce the internet, phone and firewall costs. After reallocating and reducing costs it’s possible to see a savings of almost 50%.
  2. For schools especially there is enormous strain on bandwidth caused by student use, remote logins, network syncing and administrative needs – all of which results in higher costs demanded by faster internet service. Consolidation of all your bandwidth is worth looking into. Point-to-Point can help you reduce servers at each location, eliminate multiple web filters to manage, and more and by housing everything in one central location you can save upwards of 35% while increasing your bandwidth at each location.
  3. For police departments, constant contact between officers and administration is critical to a functioning department as well as to the safety of the public so fast, affordable solutions are a necessity. Connecting departments for dispatch, connecting to state data bases and connecting to cars can be costly in dollars to keep speeds working as expected. Using Wireless Point-to-Point, departments can eliminate dedicated T1’s to feed radio repeater towers saving thousands of dollars.

Beyond the reduction of phone lines in businesses, server reduction can also result in cost reduction. Housing your data on fewer network servers will reduce the cost and need for equipment, initial labor and ongoing management.

For example: Housing your own network storage at each warehouse facility may initially be the simpler more common model, but further scrutiny could show that time lost maintaining multiple servers, ensuring data security, handling software upgrades and reviewing storage capacity is not showing a positive ROI. Consolidating your network into one offsite location, managed by a technology expert, will ensure that the right person is handling the situation and your peach of mind is well worth every penny.