IT Support - Point to Point - Public Safety

Wireless Point to Point – Public Safety

Police Departments have a unique set of demands for their IT infrastructure.  They may be connecting to another department for dispatch, connecting to the state data bases, patrol cars connecting to police department and more while limiting access to that data only to proper personnel.  Future Link IT can help.  Our IT support staff can design you a secure network to increase your speeds and reduce costs of dedicated lines and T1’s feeding dispatch repeater stations and much more.

Additional cost savings NOT included in ROI calculation may include

  • Reduction of number of servers required
  • Reduction of Network Equipment
  • Reduction in labor or support time to manage network

Cost of equipment and installation is based on required bandwidth between locations and distance between locations.  Most of the time the ROI is between 9 months and 2 years.  Call for your estimate.

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