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Wireless Point to Point – Education

The Education sector has unique IT needs due to their diversified network over multiple buildings.  Many schools have separated administrative networks and student networks, students have network shares, online portals to upload homework, Active directory syncing to multiple locations and much more.  All of this data can cause a strain on your bandwidth or greatly increase your costs with dedicated T1’s.  What if you can consolidate all of your bandwidth to the internet, increase speeds between locations, reused the number of firewall web filters to manage AND reduce your costs at the same time?  We have the Solution.

Additional cost savings NOT included in ROI calculation may include

  • Reduction of number of servers required
  • Reduction of Network Equipment
  • Reduction in labor or support time to manage network

Cost of equipment and installation is based on required bandwidth between locations and distance between locations.  Most of the time the ROI is between 9 months and 2 years.  Call for your estimate.

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