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Secure file sharing and collaboration for business


Future Link IT Workplace is a business-grade file sync and share solution that is built to meet the needs of both IT service providers and the SMB end user.

From a centralized web-based dashboard, you offer SMBs convenient sharing and collaboration across mobile devices and PCs while you manage everything on the back end. It’s file sync and with the security and compliance required for businesses of any size, including enterprises, SMBs, and home offices.

Fine-Grain, Centralized Control

With Workplace, partners retain complete visibility and oversight of all data, users, and devices. Reduce security risks and data sprawl with monitoring from a single management platform.

Easy integration with Windows System Service and Active Directory further centralizes user administration.

User-Friendly Sync and Share

Your SMBs don’t have to stray to non-secure, non-compliant consumer apps for collaboration.

Workplace is designed for supreme usability and offers powerful mobile editing and sharing capabilities.

Includes support for major Apple and Android devices, as well as Mac and Windows PCs.

  Business File Sync and Share Comparison


Workplace box dropbox icloud googledrive

Share and Collaborate

Share files and folders greencheck  greencheck  greencheck  greencheck
Password protect and set expirations greencheck  greencheck
Integrated commenting greencheck  greencheck  greencheck
Integrated email/SMS notifications greencheck  greencheck

Mobile Productivity

Integrated Office file editing on iPad & Android  greencheck
Open documents from email  greencheck  greencheck  greencheck  greencheck  greencheck
Upload via email  greencheck  greencheck
Work offline greencheck  greencheck  greencheck  greencheck  greencheck
Mobile sync greencheck
Remote computer access greencheck

File Synchronization 

 Backup policy controls greencheck
 Real-time sync for file changes greencheck  greencheck  greencheck  greencheck  greencheck
 Select any file or folder for backup greencheck
 Bandwidth throttling greencheck  greencheck
 No file size limitation greencheck

Document Management

 Full text search greencheck  greencheck  greencheck  greencheck
 Restore deleted files greencheck  greencheck  greencheck  greencheck
 Media Streaming greencheck  greencheck  greencheck
 Microsoft Office 365 integration greencheck  greencheck

Dedicated Mobile Applications

 iOS greencheck  greencheck  greencheck  greencheck
 Android greencheck  greencheck  greencheck  greencheck


 HIPAA compliance greencheck  greencheck
 AES 256-bit encryption in transit and at rest greencheck  greencheck  greencheck
Geo-redundant datacenters with RAID6 mirrored backup greencheck  greencheck


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