Sealed Healthcare Computers

IPIX – Medical Grade Computer

The IPIX computer is an all-in-one computer system designed specifically for point-of-care applications in hospitals and clinics and for use on other medical devices. The IPIX combines a 19 inch LCD display with a powerful Intel  processor and Datalux also offers the Core i5-powered IPIX in a 17 inch and 20 inch model

  • IP-65 rated to prevent intrusion of dust and water (front panel only)
  • 1.3MP internal camera and microphone (optional)
  • Proximity sensor for energy efficiency

Designed as a medical grade computer system and compliant with EN-60601-1-2 standards*, the IPIX 19” all-in-one PC is designed to allow the computer system to easily be wiped clean for the purposes of infection control. The IPIX 19” system also was designed and tested to IP-65 standards against the intrusion of dust and water (front panel only).

Thin, compact and lightweight, the IPIX can be easily adapted to many different uses and mounting solutions (mobile carts, wall mounts, wall cabinets, desktop use).

An optional internal Lithium ion battery can provide backup power during a power loss. For wall mounted and desktop mounted PCs, this internal battery is an alternative to installing a separate uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in a hallway, patient room or nurse’s station. Or, if PCs are already connected to a hospital generator system, the internal battery keeps the IPIX online for the brief power interruption that occurs at switchover during a power loss. Each IPIX includes an internal charger and front panel indicators for the backup battery.

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