FAQ When Selecting an IT Support Company

Will you help me select the right hardware?

Yes, FLI takes the Hardware as a service philosophy when it comes to hardware. These days there is little profit in selling hardware. However to be able to insure you an excellent installation process we can specify and facilitate the purchase of the hardware. This way we make sure you have everything you need to have an efficient install saving you money.

Do you offer pick up and drop off?
Yes we do, do onsite and drop off work.  FLI charges ½ rate for travel time.
How long have you been in Business?
Future Link IT was established in 2001 after Y2K.  Future Link IT was a spinoff of the company MSI when it threatened to close its doors.  Seeing an opportunity in the market and having a strong business sense, Marty Mingl and Carl Roedel founded FLI. Some customers came over to the new company and have been with us for over 30 years and we always welcome new businesses.
Do you charge by the Hour
In the IT service Industry the hourly rate should be determined by skill set and knowledge. In this market you can find IT service providers from $60-$200+ per hour. Often the $60 per hour provider has limited knowledge with business networks and will take longer for simple tasks. So you should think about the labor cost to complete a task like set up a wireless access point, replace a computer or configure a server. Future Link IT bills $150 per hour for network technicians and $175 per hour for our programmers. These rates are very competitive in the market with other companies with similar skill sets. We also have some flat rate services for in-house computer repair.
Do you offer multiple levels of support?
Future Link offers many levels of support from strait time call us when you need us services to three tiers of contract work. We will be happy to meet with you and provide you with a proposal on all the tiers so you can select the best plan for you.

Questions You Should Ask When Selecting an IT Company

What is the ROI of Contract IT Support Vs. Hiring IT Staff

There are two scenarios here. First is a company that has a need for a full-time IT staff and then there is the small business that doesn’t need full time, but needs a solid resource when they run into trouble. We have evaluated both scenarios and both are a cost savings to the business – can do the same analysis for your business too.

What Does Future Link IT do Different To Provide a Reliable Network and Keep Contract Costs Down?
To provide reliable network with the highest up time we will Future Link your Network so your network can FLI.  Over time we will convert your network to a set of in-depth network standards.  The Key to providing exemplary service is using hardware and software we are very familiar with so we can insure that it works properly and in the event of an outage we can fix it quickly.
How do our Goals Aline With yours?
For most computer support companies it is more profitable for them if your systems continue to break and they have to return. Future Link knows that we would rather you like us because you do not have computer problems instead of because we are there all of the time. Future Link has many support options with flat rate preventative maintenance or up to unlimited labor. This make us a partner in your business and aligns your goals with ours because now we are highly motivated to have a reliable solution so we spend less time fixing problems and more time helping you plan for the future and save money on your IT costs.
Why Should You Select Future Link IT?
In the IT support industry many of the companies are small shops with 1-3 technicians OR a national support team. Future Link provides you with the best of both worlds. Future link has a full time staff of 14. This allows us to continue supporting our customers when a technician has a vacation or is on a large project. Being a local independent firm we can spend the time to get to know your business and help you utilize you technology investment to meet your needs without the national cookie cutter mentality.
How can an IT company Help our Business?
Future Link IT has the philosophy “let us take care of your network, so you can run your business” There are many ways we will help your business. First, by putting together a plan we will build to an end solution that will result in a strong reliable network with limited downtime. Next, we can handle any problem big or small. This will allow you to get back to growing your business instead of spending your time trouble shooting for an hour something that will take us 10 minutes.
How Can You Deal with Mobile Workers and the Inherent Security Concerns?
There are many security concerns with remote workers. We can help you limit your risk by developing Employee use policies, managing remote computers Endpoint Security as well as SSL VPN for secure remote access into the company network. We would review your needs with you and propose a solution to match your needs and budget.
Can you help me with my Compliance?
There are many regulations businesses today need to comply with weather is it PCI if you accept credit cards, HIPPA or PHI for Medical records and health care providers, to the many requirements for the financial industry. We can help you thought the entire process from the initial audit to implementing changes and planning for the future. Many of our solutions meet or exceed the standards of these compliance regulations and because we are knowledgeable can implement cost effectively for even the small office.

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