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Future Link IT provides a wide variety of technology solutions for police departments and public safety officials. We help keep your department and staff current so that they can more efficiently do the job they were tasked to do. We understand that your day runs smoother when your technology works seamlessly. From your cars to your servers, we have the IT solutions you need.



Having access to the right mobile device while on patrol means accuracy and safety for everyone. Our in-car solutions include fixed mount computers, tablets and handheld devices. Each device offers a variety of features including wireless capabilities, affordability and durability making them some of the most reliable on the market.

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Does your department need secure hot spots around town for your patrol cars to upload large files or video? Future Link IT can create secure wireless connections to your network saving you critical time and money.

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Future Link IT provides a software solution integrated into your endpoint security that will allow you to remote manage, track hardware/software, automate patch management, and clear temp files from a single console all for the cost of your endpoint protection or less.

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Public safety, whether on the streets or in the office, is always critical. We bring an arsenal of tools to ensure your data is safe and that a plan is in place when the unexpected happens. The Unified Threat Management Appliance offers a level of security that eludes many other firewalls and the Threat Monitor allows you to monitor in real time and receive alerts and reports automatically keeping your data secure.

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Future Link IT takes a service approach to hardware. We will spec out equipment to meet your needs and ensure our technicians have everything you need to keep installation costs down and minimize downtime.

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Our secure internet can connect multiple buildings on a single LAN. With a secure wireless connection of up to 2x gigabit speeds you can centralize your infrastructure, reduce duplicate equipment and reduce costs.

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Your department will gain strength when partnered with an IT solutions provider. At Future Link, we evaluate your entire department’s processes to determine the right software solutions for you. We provide customized solutions to monitor critical information. Our solutions successfully help your department thrive because we know both the public safety industry and the software you need.

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Due to the mandated Covid-19 shelter in place order. We are doing our best to support our customers remotely.

We have restricted onsite visits to only critical emergency situations.


Future Link IT is committed to helping our customers in a timely manner.

To get the fastest response you can submit a ticket by emailing Support@FutureLinkIT.com.