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Has there ever been a time where you wished a program you used to run your business had one more feature or could read data from another program?  Future Link IT solves this problem for our customers all of the time. It could be a completely stand alone application or a customization or integration between applications it is all possible.

Using Microsoft SQL or Basis BBJ databases we can read, manipulate, change or report on the data in that database.  We have written many customization’s to solve business problems for our customers running multiple ERP programs including; BBJ, Basis, Exact Progression, Exact ES, Macola Pro, eSynergy, Synergy Enterprise or NEW Macola 10.


Dispatch Drivers

Designed to manage one time and recurring pickups and drop offs in the Scrap industry.
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Inventory Shrink

Is your actual inventory off because of a theoretical inventory conversion?
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Roofer Link

Roofer Link is designed to manage the process from Quote to Invoice.
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If you are manually entering data into a spreadsheet to manage a critical business requirement, we can create an application that captures the data and streamlines activities to make you more functional and profitable.

Dispatch Drivers

Designed to manage one time and recurring pickups and drop offs in the Scrap industry.  Automatically generates recurring pickups and allows them to be assigned to drivers.  Generates Pickup Slips and many other reports.  Driver Check in screen records activity at the end of the day

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Inventory Shrink

We have many customers that purchase materials by weight and use it in length.  There ERP program does a theoretical conversion.  however this often creates either ghost inventory or may not allow you to complete production because the conversion does not think you have enough material

Roofers Link

Roofers Link is a web based back office program for the roofing industry that will allow a roofing contractor to manage from quote threw to invoice from a single web based application.
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