Healthcare Mobile Computer Carts

Computer Carts and Cabinets

In today’s world it seams like you need a computer to get anything done.  If it is a Doctors office to a manufacturing plant there are many times it would be nice to have a rolling cart for the laptop and have a work space.  If you need to secure a rugged tablet or all in one, or just need a rolling surface to put a laptop and notepad, there is a car for you.  All of these carts are adjustable from sitting position to standing position with very little effort.


Workstation Freedom

Designed from the ground up for the health care professional, DataCart™ features a small footprint which makes them highly maneuverable and ergonomic. A compact design, combined with a low center of gravity and light weight add to their overall stability. This freedom allows you to access your data anytime, anywhere

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Versatile Features

DCT-1RMLT Medium Large Rectangle DataCart features a 26” x 24” x 1.25” Rectangular Laptop Work Surface providing a large work area adjustable from 29.5” to 43” high and controlled with a side cable actuator. The contoured tray grips allow you to move the DCT-1RMLT easily over different surfaces, especially carpet, on its sturdy casters

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Quality Construction

For over 30 years Lund Industries has manufactured and provided versatile, solidly engineered mounting solutions for mobile markets. DataCarts™ are manufactured in the USA of powder coated steel and aluminum for durability, functionality and ease of cleaning.



Point of Care Mobile Cart

These office carts come in 3 sizes with 3 types of tops and 5 colors.  It has a very small footprint and is adjustable from 29.5″ high to 43″ high.  There are 2 holes that can be used for cable routing or to secure the laptop to the cart.  Includes a power cord and has many accessories you can add.  This a great solution for a doctors office or any business that needs a mobile work center.


DCT-1RS-iPAD_3_1-280x460 DCT-1RS-TR_4_Large-280x460 DCT-1RMX5_2_1-280x460 DCT-1RL_with_7-11_4_1-280x460 DCT-1KL_5-26_1-280x420 DCT-1RMT_Maple_1_Web-280x460 DCT1-KMT_1_r1_1-280x460


Laptop Cart


These carts are designed to secure a laptop the keyboard locks under the work surface and the monitor is supported with a rear support.  Top comes in 2 sizes to accommodate all size laptops.  With the remote keyboard tray this cart will protect the laptop  and give you a great portable work surface.


Powered Carts

DCT-6LI-LCD_Web-280x560These carts are fully powered.  Not only do they have battery power to run the computer and other devices for hours but has a motorized height adjustment

as well as be able to add powered accessories like printers, scanners, and much more.



All of these carts have multiple accessories including baskets to hold papers, scan gun holders, printer trays and even small batteries to power the computer for short periods while in transport so you do not have to shutdown.

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