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Putting the focus on the patient, not on the computer 

In today’s healthcare facilities, the ability to access patient information at the point of care is vital — allowing healthcare professionals to work more effectively and efficiently. From the doctor office to the hospital, we understand your IT needs.

Future Link takes care of your IT Support needs, while you take care of your patients.


Mobile Point of Care Computing Anytime Anywhere…  These data carts are versatile, solidly engineered mounting solutions for mobile markets. DataCarts™ are manufactured in the USA of powder coated steel and aluminum for durability, functionality and ease of cleaning.



An all-in-one computer system designed specifically for point-of-care applications in hospitals and clinics and for use on other medical devices. The IPIX combines a 17,19 or 22″ LCD display with a powerful Intel processor. The IPIX is completely sealed and made of antimicrobial plastic to ensure easy sanitation.



The perfect mobile healthcare solution for clinical best practices in a hospital environment. Use it to streamline admissions and pre-op, personalize patient interactions or capture critical data. The contoured edges and ergonomic design make it easy to carry and use. And, at a little over two pounds, it is one of the lightest enterprise grade tablets in its class. Caregivers get access to critical information with a bright 10.1” LCD featuring a multi-touch capacitive touchscreen. Extremely responsive, even with exam and surgical gloves.


Firewall Security


In healthcare protecting patient information from threats both internal and external is critical. We bring a tool box filled with security solutions and technicians ready to respond immediately to keep you up and running.  The InstaGate offers a level of security that eludes many other firewalls. Additionally the patented eSoft Threat Monitor allows you to monitor in real time, receive alerts and reports automatically and the DIA architecture provides quick identification and proactive defense to new threats.


The records you keep are crucial to the well-being of your patients, so storing them safely offsite is essential. Our online backup software is more reliable than tapes, assists with HIPPA Compliance and protects loss from disasters such as flood, fire and theft.


Automated data backups
Email Security


40% of viruses reach your system via email. Our customized applications are built with productivity solutions and spam filters providing your business with the best possible security solutions whether you are onsite or mobile.


The control of web content and usage is critical to smooth business operations. Whether its limiting website accessibility by user or category or blocking known viruses and spam sites, with up to 42 different filter categories, our customized solutions will be written based on your needs.

point to point


When lives are on the line, you don’t want to have to wait on a slow data connection. Our secure internet connects multiple buildings at up to 2x gigabit speeds, consolidate systems and increases network speeds.


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Due to the mandated Covid-19 shelter in place order. We are doing our best to support our customers remotely.

We have restricted onsite visits to only critical emergency situations.


Future Link IT is committed to helping our customers in a timely manner.

To get the fastest response you can submit a ticket by emailing Support@FutureLinkIT.com.