Computer Carts and Cabinets

Computer Carts and Cabinets

In today’s world it seams like you need a computer to get anything done.  If it is a Doctors office to a manufacturing plant there are many times it would be nice to have a rolling cart for the laptop and have a work space.  If you need to secure a rugged tablet or all in one, or just need a rolling surface to put a laptop and notepad, there is a car for you.  All of these carts are adjustable from sitting position to standing position with very little effort.

Office Cart

These office carts come in 3 sizes with 3 types of tops and 5 colors.  It has a very small footprint and is adjustable from 29.5″ high to 43″ high.  There are 2 holes that can be used for cable routing or to secure the laptop to the cart.  Includes a power cord and has many accessories you can add.  This a great solution for a doctors office or any business that needs a mobile work center.

Commercial Cart

These series of carts are great for more commercial applications from hospitals to manufacturing facilities.  This series of carts you can mount a All in one computer or LCD monitor  on it and stow a compact form factor PC to the cart or under the locking top.

Laptop Cart

These carts are designed to secure a laptop the keyboard locks under the work surface and the monitor is supported with a rear support.  Top comes in 2 sizes to accommodate all size laptops.  With the remote keyboard tray this cart will protect the laptop  and give you a great portable work surface.

Powered Cart

These carts are fully powered.  Not only do they have battery power to run the computer and other devices for hours but has a motorized height adjustment as well as be able to add powered accessories like printers, scanners, and much more.

Enclosed Computer Cabinets

There are also a wide range of enclosed computer cabinet options.  These are a low price option that can be good in some industrial application where you need to secure the computer and have a full size printer.  However, the reduced airflow can be a problem especially in dirty environments if they are not cleaned regularly as it can cause the computer to over heat and shorten the life of the computer.

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