Your business utilizes Internet and cloud services, but it's too slow!

Need better internet service

40 hours per year are wasted waiting for networks to respond

Typical workers spend more than a quarter of the day handling email. If your internet super highway is full of gravel and construction traffic causing a standstill in production you need better internet service!


Problems with internet outages

Regular Outages

If your internet drops connections and freezes daily without warning – you’re on the wrong road!

slow internet speeds

Not Fast Enough

If your internet service is slow to respond, causing costly delays in operations and workflow – you’re on the wrong road!

internet too expensive


If your internet doesn’t allow e-commerce customers to shop efficiently or staff to use a CRM productively – you’re on the wrong road!

With widespread cloud computing, video conferencing and BYOD, you need bandwidth supplied by a company that understands that better internet service with speed and flexibility are the only way businesses get things done.


Future Link IT : Adapts to your business needs allow for multiple users without interruption.

Future Link IT : Provides internet bandwidth of up to 40MB per second – 10x faster than cable.

Future Link IT : We own our equipment and hosting service so we can lock in your rates.

Simplifying IT with one place to call for Planning, Support and Solutions.

We’re Doing IT Differently

“…the speed of your internet service is absolutely fantastic and that in the almost 20 years I have been working with computers your wi-fi internet is the fastest I have ever worked with!!”

Charles Mabel


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