Managing your business processes can make or break your company.  Initially you can manage your business on paper forms and excel spread sheets but at some point it becomes more and more of a problem.  You will start spending time looking for information or entering data into multiples systems, customer service falls through the cracks or you miss out on sales because you do not get reminders to follow up on sales opportunities.  There are sales or CRM solutions out there but they usually fall short or you will pay some large monthly fee forever.

Each and every person within your business needs to work with the most accurate information. Therefore, it is important to consolidate the different business processes in your company in one software package. With Exact Synergy you can benefit from a total solution that centrally manages your data streams. All information is within reach for everyone, at any time.

Processes related to HRM, CRM and Finance are at the heart of your business. This is why these business activities play a central role in Exact Synergy. With automated administration, your workflows can be processed faster and more efficiently. Data are stored in one place, providing you with an excellent overview of your results.

Human Resource Management (HRM)

The administration of your HR department involves all co-workers and departments. This makes HRM one of the most complex and sensitive tasks within your business. However, HR personnel tend to spend a lot of time copying details from different forms, e-mails or spreadsheets. With Exact Synergy, you can pave a new road for your HR department:

  • All staff members can manage and update their own data.
  • Information is kept in a well-secured location.
  • Comprehensive staff files are within easy reach.
  • Reports on staff members can be printed out instantly.

Exact Synergy streamlines, clarifies and supports every aspect of HRM, from the moment a new employee starts work until the last working day. This frees up more time for strategic Human Resource Management in your company.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

With the Exact Synergy CRM solution, your Sales, Marketing and Customer Support departments can work together in a more structured and client-friendly way. Customer details are kept in a central database instead of in different departments. You gain full insight into files and your client’s details are always up-to-date. The solution makes it easy to:

Consult the details of a customer’s history. All your staff members can work with the same client information.

Follow up leads. You gain clear insight into current leads and the status of the sales pipeline, and you can see exactly at which stage a customer is in the sales cycle.

Coordinate your campaigns more effectively. All departments can work together with the same, centrally stored information and communication.

Financial Administration

Exact Synergy simplifies credit management, debtor/creditor management and the invoicing of revenues and expenses. Working with Exact Synergy is convenient for your own financial administration, as well as your accounting staff. You can handle all invoice processing centrally. Automated workflows will:

  • Send invoices to the right person for approval.
  • Quickly and easily track invoices.
  • Considerably shorten your processing time (from invoice booking to payment).
  • Improve the control and accuracy of your financial administration.
  • Provide you with an integrated overview of the financial results of your entire business.

Synergy is just one of the software solutions that Future Link IT has to help your business grow.  Call us today for a free initial consult to evaluate your needs.  Future Link IT has solutions to help businesses great and small.  Regardless of your needs Future Link IT can help.

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